Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse

What an amazing thing to see! I am so happy that I got to witness a solar eclipse once in my life, AND had the ability to photograph it too!

Below, you'll see the photos I was able to capture of the event. A disclaimer though: Yes, it was in the afternoon/evening. The pictures are dark and purple-y because I had to use my Infrared filter in order to darken the lens enough to not completely blow out the sun. So it's not true-to-life color, because that just wasn't possible for me to capture it at all.

Apparently, we also got really lucky in our neck of the woods. Many people were not able to see the eclipse due to clouds, even people only one or two towns away from us. You can see we had some clouds too, just not enough to obscure our view until after the last photo.

I used a Canon Rebel T1i with an 18-200mm zoom lens attached. I would have loved to use my 5D, but the lenses I have for it don't have enough zoom, and the IR filter only fits that lens, which only fits my crop frame camera. I had to take about 400 pictures to get what you see here, as it's impossible to see through the viewfinder or focus with the IR filter on. So it was pretty much spray-and-pray and then adjust as I viewed the photos taken.

In this last photo, you'll see a trick I read about to be able to watch the eclipse without glasses. We used the 18-200mm lens and just held it up to a white board. Using the manual focus on the lens and getting the right distance from the board, we were able to get a tiny pinhole picture of the sun through the glass. Not the biggest or easiest sight to see, but it was a way to see it without staring at the sun. :)

Love & Smooches!


Kim said...

Those turned out amazing! You are so talented!

JandS Morgan said...

That's awesome. I wish I could have seen it.

Maren Hansen said...

Jealous...but glad you took pics that we could see!!