Monday, August 17, 2015

News, Announcements, Changes....

Some changes and announcements!


Are you planning on booking a session with me this Fall? If so, PLEASE contact me soon! I am almost completely booked for September and several sessions in October! I will take two more September sessions, and then must close the month to any others.

UPDATE: My September is now full. Please contact me to book your October sessions!


Due to the extreme high demand for weekend photo sessions, a $50 fee has been implemented for any session that takes place on a Friday or Saturday. Monday-Thursday will be normal pricing! (This does not affect any sessions already booked, you will get the date we have already confirmed!) This change is now reflected in the a la carte section of my pricing page!


Sadly, due to the ever changing algorithms on social media platforms, I have lately been feeling the pinch and very few of my fans see my posts anymore! (Even my mom tells me she sees so little, and we all know how reliable moms are at Liking photos! :) ) If you see a Pink Lemonade post on Facebook or Instagram, I would greatly appreciate the Like if you like it! And if you LOVE it, comments and shares are SO appreciated!

I know these social media changes are so that they can make more money, but it hurts us small business owners so much. I've found that so few of my followers, friends, and family are seeing any of my posts at all anymore. If you would like to see my Facebook posts as soon as they go up, go to my page and hover over the button that says "Liked". You will get an option to select "See First". Please check that and you will see all of my posts in your feed!

When I do a photo session with you, I try to get a preview up and you tagged in it within 24 hours. Tagging capabilities are dropping though too, so if you don't see the tag, please tag yourself and share! This is another way for your friends to see your beautiful photos and contact me!


Due to my ever evolving capabilities, I have decided to split my photography and created a sub-brand for my fine art work. I want to be transparent about what you will receive from your session and I realized that when I post some of my more strongly manipulated images, it may create confusion.

If you would like to continue to follow my more creative works (I would love it if you do!), you can see Jocelyn Marie Fine Art Photography on my website, Facebook, and Instagram! (Click on the "See First" on my Facebook page to see work when it's posted there too!)

Here's a little sampling of what will you will see there!

Love & Smooches!

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