Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cuddly Critters & Things

My cute friend Macall makes these super adorable animal blankets and asked me if I'd be willing to do a product-for-photos trade. My thoughts were heck yeah! Using our cuties to model made it only that much more fun. :)

(If you are interested in getting any of the items below, you can search Cuddly Critters and Things on Facebook/Etsy or go visit them through these links: Facebook page and Etsy store! I promise, your baby will love the critters, my little guy already won't sleep without his monkey!)

 And what is cuter than a blonde, blue-eyed 18-month-old? Well, two of course!

So, if you own an online shop or Etsy shop for photography or baby- related products, contact me! I'd love to work something out to get some great photos of your items for you!

Love & Smooches!

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