Monday, June 24, 2013

A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Away....

For me, at least!

This "new" location has been just around the block from my home for I don't know how long. I've loved it for the five years we've lived here, yet only got the courage a few weeks ago to ask the owner if I can use it for shoots.

And he said it's totally fine! Actually, he's already let other photographers use it so he's been around the block with that. :) Since then, I've done two shoots here and have another scheduled this Friday. So easy to get to but also so pretty for photos!

(Two things, if you do choose to use this location: Bug spray for sure! There are clouds of mosquitoes around that stream! And I do have to clear dates ahead of time with him, so we'll book your shoot, then I'll go see if it's okay with him. If we have to, we may change the date, but so far have had no conflicts to worry about so I doubt that'll happen often.)

(From when my hubby was little.... I kinda need to give this back to my Dad Cooley....)

My son, the model. :)

Love & Smooches!

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