Friday, May 27, 2011

Brylie & A Hose

I really need my own baby to play shutterbug with. (And anyone who needs a shoot! Come on, you know you wanna!)

When I went over to my FIL's house today, he and Brynna were doing some yard work. While they were replanting the flower beds, Brynna got out the hose to water them down and Brylie came over to see. Turns out this is the first time she's really seen/been able to play with one. I think she liked it!

You can see the progression in the photos with how wet she was. :) That last B&W with the water was about a millisecond before she splashed herself in the face and got really tired of it, really quick. But in the aftermath, she got a warm towel and watched Tangled for the third time today.

Love & Smooches!


Kim said...

Those are adorable!!!

Jocelyn said...

:) Thanks Kim! She is so fun to take pics of!